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Troullioud DESIGN is a small venture in terms of manpower, but a big enterprise in terms of graphic design. Troullioud DESIGN is the brainchild of José Troullioud. Combining colors, materials, letters, numbers and shapes creates a clear message and keeps the brain active. No gym can match that. José does not control or limit shapes, graphic products or objectives, instead he gives them all freedom of expression to live up to the expectations of clients. A positive, honest, sometimes a little headstrong nature, combined with a mind full of creativity, form the ideal basis for unique and appealing products. Troullioud DESIGN is passionate, inspired and professional. The team consists of the perfect pairing of José who is complimented by Bea Versélewel de Witt Hamer, his outstanding partner in crime. Born in the South of Holland Bea was raised with a down to earth approach combined with an expertise in brainstorming and script. Combining a professional approach, totally focused on customer service with a sense of humor and a refreshing view on tradition, Bea’s enthusiasm and power have no expiration date. Serious and customer-focused whilst at the same time talented with a healthy sense of humor and a refreshing view on firmly establishes traditions. With this team you invest for the future!



When we talk about skills, we actually mean capabilities. Sometimes it’s better to bring a message in simple terms that everybody can understand. 
Troullioud DESIGN is master of this, combining plain text with powerful images to create the perfect message. 
With the knowledge and expert use of graphic tools for more than 40 years, José is without any doubt highly qualified and a leader in this field.

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What We Offer

This team embraces all and every challenge.


Troullioud DESIGN offers you the complete package from A to Z. From Alignment to a Zestful final product. From L to W, from Leaflet to Web design. From H to V, from Hidden to Visual. From D to P, from Design to Print. From I to R, from Idea to Realization. And finally from B to E, from the Beginning to the End. There’s no single letter in the alphabet unavailable to Troullioud DESIGN, even the I and X are familiar. We have an eye for Images, years of experience and professional equipment to hand. Neither José Troullioud, nor his partner Bea Verselewel de Witt Hamer, fear the unknown (Xenophobia). This team embraces all and every challenge.




Over the past decade Trouilloud DESIGN has invested much creative energy in the equine industry, mainly down to José and Bea’s involvement in that field themselves. That’s history and the door is open once again with endless opportunities to serve other areas in the market. We look forward to meeting you and helping you to fulfill all your design requirements. There are so many ideas, options and possibilities awaiting you so don’t waste any further time, contact us now!


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